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icon de test This site is still under construction, so please wear you protective helmet while browsing!

About the Project
icon de test AlleGimmicks is a collection of little C/C++ programs that use the Allegro library for some nice tools and graphic effects (oscilator, fontconverter, textprinting effects, logger, etc). You can also include them in your projects, if you find them useful. All the code is GPL/LGPL licensed.
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No new posts A new version of the Logger is available. Added documentation and defined some constants for log level. Thu Feb 12, 2004 17:54
No new posts The BBS is up! Please leave a message on the board if you are interested in this project. Thanks! Thu Feb 12, 2004 13:54
No new posts Just found out that OSCSaver doesn't work if compiled with gcc-3.3. However it works with gcc-2.95. I hope to fix this soon. Tue Jan 13, 2004 14:54
No new posts Made some gimmicks code available: textFX, OSCSaver and the Logger Mon Jan 12, 2004 17:54
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icon de test You can send a message to the maintainer of this project here
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